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"Trust me, my father's a doctor."

DMK Burger Bar

2954 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657

Phone: 773-360-8686
Neighborhood: Lakeview
Style: American
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  • Food: Burgerific!
  • Decor: Hipster bar
  • Service: fast & friendly
  • Cost: $
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The DMK menu boasts exceptional quality, grass-fed beef, fresh baked buns, artisan cheeses + LOVE. As any Chef worth his salt will tell you, love is the most important (and mutable) ingredient, and yes, you can taste it in the food. The integrity and purity of the ingredients here are transcending. I had a fit of speculative nostalgia upon tasting the #7 (The Big DMK) thinking "I bet this is what a Big Mac would have tasted like in the 1950's" (before CAFOs and Monsanto). Similarly, Rufus Teague's smokey BBQ sauce on the #1 transported me back to summer cookouts in Asheville, NC. This is good, simple, and honest food. "Order a double, go ahead, Kornick says it's ok. Trust me, my father's a doctor." (from the mural on the ladies restroom wall).

Special Dishes:

Start at #1, go from there. Repeat as necessary.

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