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added by komalley

2853 N Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
United States

Phone: 773-904-8558

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Price: $$$ ?

Neighborhood: Avondale
Style: Japanese
Head Chef:Chef Matthias Merges


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Description: About Us

|yusho| Verb, to encourage one to celebrate with good wine at a banquet.

Dinner is served 5PM-10PM Sun-Thu, 5PM-12AM Fri-Sat

Street food is the great equalizer—no glamour required. Yakitori, when well-executed, is about the simple flavors of authentic street food. A hot grill provides intense flavors from seasonal proteins and vegetables, grilled to order over a chattering, hissing fire.

Beer, wine and sake selections compliment the fresh-grilled flavors. Craft cocktails, wines and spirits are chosen for customized meal pairings. Experiment and discover!

The Yusho Family

Chef Matthias Merges
Matthias has spent most of two decades cooking and living in Chicago, most notably as the Executive Chef of Charlie Trotter’s for the past 14 years. Matthias has mentored some of the most talented and respected professionals in the restaurant industry.

Yusho’s environment was created by Rachel Crowl and Julie Fisher of fcSTUDIO. Rachel, Matthias’ wife and partner, is a practicing architect and has been working in the profession for more than 18 years, 12 as the co?owner of fcSTUDIO.

Hours: dinner Sun-Thu 5PM-10PM weekends Fri-Sat 5PM-12AM

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"Great meal"

November 14, 2012

  • Food: japanese / american
  • Decor: brick interior with japanese movies playing on the wall
  • Service: Not good
  • Cost: $$$
  • Wine / Cocktails: Gin and tonic was excellent


We had a great meal at Yusho, we ordered a number of plates and all of them were delicious. That in itself was impressive, unfortunately, the service was not.

The 2x fried chicken was great, I loved the oyster. The tuna poke was a very small dish but good. One of my favorite dishes was the tofu doughnuts. Even the people at our table that don't like tofu really enjoyed them. It seemed like the tofu was pretty minimal.

For drinks - their gin and tonic is absolutely great.

As JeffHarms mentioned, the service was pretty brutal. It seemed like it was exclusive to our server so it wouldn't deter me from going back. He was very nice and knowledgeable when we did see him!

Recommended Dishes:

oyster, 2x fried chicken, doughnuts

"Unique Delicious Food"

November 12, 2012

  • Food: Modern Asian, american twist
  • Decor:
  • Service: ours was horrible, but others seemed very good
  • Cost: $$$
  • Wine / Cocktails:


Everyone at the table had a very positive reaction to the food here, outstanding and very unique. I will temper this review accordingly though, as our server was unacceptable to completely lacking. Just a very absent waiter that hardly interacted with us or paid attention to anything that was going on. Thank God there are an army of other people working and picking up his slack.

Now on to the good stuff. The food was great, very fun! The 2 X Fried chicken required 2 orders, the Chicken wings also amazing, I wanted more than 1, but we had pace ourselves! We had many entrees, but some other stand outs where the steamed bun, the chicken liver and the octopus.

The space is very cute, understated, yet modern. Cocktail list is a bit trendy, but relevant and tasty!

I'll be back, as I REALLY want to experience this again with a server that is as excited about the meal as I am.

Recommended Dishes:

See Review

"Overwhelmingly amazing meal"

May 1, 2012

  • Japanese
  • small plates

  • Food: Delicioso
  • Decor:
  • Service: Bartender gave us awesome service as we dined
  • Cost: $$$
  • Wine / Cocktails: Great cocktails, wine


If you have not been to Yusho, make a reservation immediately. I was so happy with my meal here - EVERYTHING we had was delicious. We came on a Saturday night and sat at the counter so we could watch the cooks in the open concept kitchen.

The cocktail list is on par with other Chicago restaurants. I had the New Culture: redemption rye, rhubarb, lemon, vermouth di torino, abbott's bitters - yummy! Then I switched to a dry Italian wine when the food began to arrive.

For dinner we had the special grilled oyster - it was HUGE. I forgot the name but there was enough meat for two to have a few bites each. Chicken liver - came two ways, mousse and sauteed liver on top. It was really good if you dipped the liver chunks in the mousse. The octopus (enoki mushrooms, haricot vert, egg yolk vinaigrette) was cooked perfectly and awesomely seasoned. I was really impressed with the Maitake mushroom (egg vinaigrette, dashi gelée), bursts of flavor with each bite. We also had the pork belly which was 3 pieces of pork with kimchi on top.

I can't remember what we had for dessert - probably because they didn't last long.

So happy with everything Yusho had to offer. Will be back!

Recommended Dishes:

Maitake Mushrooms, Chicken liver, Pork Belly

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